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HIGH MARGINS.  Just directly work with us the manufacturer and source instead of other middle men or importers. At Everlong Co. you can benefit from our competitive price and extensive knowledge and experience for your business at no additional charge to you. You will typically have significantly higher profit margins than resale products. You own it!


EXCLUSIVITY.  The packaging and labels are tailored to meet your specifications, including product name, description, company's logo and contact information. This is the perfect way to separate yourself from competitors, allows you more control over pricing, marketing, sales and distribution. You will be definitely benefit from our products development capacity, quality control system and deep insight into how to create a unique conception for your business.


LOYALTY.  We can help you to have a distinct advantage by creating your own unique labels design and promotional advertising materials, which begets a marketing identity and promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty. Building a loyal customer base is central to long-term business success.