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Different types of tea bags are available for your selection. Most of Everlong herbal detox teas are served in pyramid teabags. Designed for your comfortable and convenience brewing, the special structure of pyramid teabags allows the premium quality natural herbs and teas to free the leaves and release the distinguish taste and aroma completely. They are made of PLA a biodegradable and environmental friendly material. You can also choose other standard tea bags showing below. Further more, we provide Individual sachets for a single tea bag infusion.

PLA Biodegradable Pyramid Tea Bag


Tea bags are packed in self-stand zip-lock brown Kraft bags or aluminum bags (with different color options). They are both made of composite materials, keep tea fresh by isolating moisture and odor from out side.

Another luxury option is the full color printed paper boxes with your private name.

14 day and 28 day are most fashionable and acceptable detox plans. 

package options


Thanks to our location at the origin of numerous of teas and botanicals, over hundreds species of ingredients of herbs and teas are available for you to choose from, each ingredient has a distinguish flavor and proper health advantage.

Everlong only use the splendid quality of organic ingredients without any chemical additives or preservatives contains to ensure that every cup of tea is rich with delicious tastes and distinguish flavor together with natural nutrient substances for healthy life. See below parts of our ingredients, more options please direct contact us by email to: sales@everlongtea.com