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American Tea Wind Blowing Coffee Aroma
May 16, 2017

American tea wind blowing coffee aroma

coffee? Or tea? Today, tea is the way of health. Modern people to pursue a healthy life, coffee consumption market by the

 tea challenge, even if the United States this traditional coffee consumption countries, tea culture in recent years more

 and more common. Whether tea, tea or tea bags, tea imports in the past 10 years surge of about 30%, more than 150 million Americans a day tea, mild caffeine drinks prevail, the United States gradually become a tea country. \ Ta Kung Pao reporter 

Zheng Yun Central

If, in addition to water, the future of the world's most people drink tea, absolutely not surprising. In fact, nearly 10 years, the demand for tea in the West has been increasing, the younger generation of the United States tide tea, alone in 2014, the Americans drank more than 3.6 billion gallons of tea drinks. One of the most popular is black tea, accounting for 

about 84% of total consumption, followed by green tea, the proportion of about 15%. Other oolong tea and white tea are all 

loved by American consumers.

US tea market over ten billion dollars

In fact, the US tea imports have gone beyond the United Kingdom, according to the American Tea Association data show that 

over the past 20 years, the US tea market size from 1990 to 20 billion US dollars to 2014, the scale has more than 10 billion 

US dollars. Westerners pursue a healthy and simple life, the demand for herbal drinks has increased, compared with 2000, today's Americans on herbal tea consumption increased by two percent.

According to the International Trade Center data show that in 2014 the United States imports a total of more than 12 million 

pounds of tea, more than the British imports. It is worth noting that the maximum increase in tea consumption under the age 

of 25 shows that the younger generation of the United States believes that tea is good for the body. Today, more than half 

of the US population is drinking tea, divided by region, the southern and northeastern most people drink tea.

Western demand for tea is strong, China and India and other tea production countries most benefit from the past 10 years,

 tea exports increased by about 40%. In the past 20 years, exports grew by nearly 70%. In the past 50 years, tea exports soared more than 700%. In 2014, US imports of tea amounted to about $ 10.8 billion, while in the past five years, total

 sales of hot tea rose by more than 17%.

Starbucks strengthens tea business

Americans love to drink tea, and even the coffee chain Starbucks have to follow the change, hoping to expand the tea drink 

business, a market leader. In fact, Starbucks had this idea, the 2012 acquisition of the United States senior tea brand Teavana, for the future to expand the tea business ready. Starbucks chief executive Schultz admitted last year to accept

 CNBC visit, the tea business expectations, he believes that the size of the tea market up to 90 billion US dollars.

Starbucks acquired Teavana in 2012, Schultz said, the tea market is expected to grow rapidly, the acquisition of Teavana 

will help strengthen its Tazo tea brand. Starbucks made a bold move in 2011, the trademark removed from the coffee words, 

was seen as adding more business products pave the way. Last year's December investor conference, Starbucks revealed that 

tea sales in the US market continued to rise, from less than 8% in FY09 to 10% in the near quarter.

The famous donut chain Dunkin 'Donuts also joined the competition, supply a variety of flavored ice tea, as the main product.

 Unilever is the largest tea product seller in the United States, to catch up with the tea boom, the introduction of K-Cup 

and other tea drinks, the goal is to expand the market share doubled, the US tea market is expected to steady growth The

Americans drink tea craze will become a habit to be observed, but drank too much tea to reduce the demand for coffee is the fact that coffee consumption has been stagnant since the 1970s, many Americans have reduced coffee, or limited to only one

 cup per day, some families Replace coffee with tea. In the pursuit of a healthy diet and simple life generations, tea is a life gesture, coffee finally encountered a strong opponent of tea.


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