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An Introduction To Slimming Tea For Office Workers
Sep 05, 2017

Tea slimming principle: Chinese medicine believes that the cause of obesity is the "wet", "phlegm", "water stagnation" and so on. Tea is the role of the spleen and stomach, dampness, and water is the best. It is clearing water, phlegm, digestion, warming and nourishing the spleen and stomach, Oolong Tea, Tieguanyin tea is very popular, it is because it has the effect of eliminating greasy.

Ethnic minorities have the habit of drinking butter tea and milk tea. Most of them live on meat, so it's easy to see that tea plays a big role in digesting meat. Modern studies have shown that theophylline, essential oils, vitamins C, quercetin and tannins in tea are beneficial to lowering blood lipids and promoting metabolism.

The three section office of tea

(1) Shuang Wu tea;

Raw materials: Oolong tea 5 grams, 30 grams of Polygonum multiflorum, dried Hawthorn 20 grams, 20 grams of wax gourd skin.

Method: Polygonum multiflorum, white gourd peel, hawthorn and hawthorn into the pot to overripe, filtering and loading liquid to the soup to drink brew Oolong Tea.

(2) jade gourd tea

Raw materials: Oolong tea 25 grams, dried lotus leaf 25 grams, 10 grams of Chen gourd, orange peel 5 grams.

System of law: the dried lotus leaf, Chen Hulu, orange peel were studied into the fine end, mixed with tea. When you want to drink, it is advisable to brew a small amount of tea, then pour it into tea until it is light.

(3) clearing collaterals drink

Ingredients: 50 grams of dried lotus leaves, 5 grams of Oolong tea, 6 grams of sponge gourd skin, 5 grams of watermelon clothing.

Method of making:

The use of gauze will dry skin, lotus leaf, gourd watermelon peel, oolong tea, soak in the water after washing standby.

The casserole 5 cups of water, placed in gauze bags, with boiled boil to boiling water, on behalf of the tea.

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