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And Share The Efficacy Of Tea Detoxification
Sep 05, 2017

1, medlar tea

Wolfberry tea is actually a traditional Chinese medicine. If a person does not defecate for three days, buy some special bitter Chinese wolfberry tea, drink a drink

Special reminder: drink more at night, the next morning will be refreshed, no longer tired.

2 chrysanthemum tea

The white chrysanthemum and fine Oolong Tea baked in the Chrysanthemum Tea, daily contact with the office of electronic pollution owners necessary a tea. Bai Ju tea because of a drug to the role of the accumulation of harmful chemical or radioactive substances, have low resistance, excluding the effect.

4, mugwort tea

Swelling especially facial swelling, will affect your work condition. The swelling of the treatment is to rid the body of excess water, achieve the effect of detumescence. Swelling in the days to come, Artemisia argyi adhere to drink tea, which has the effect of detoxification diuretic, is the swelling go getters.

Special note: long-term weight loss, weight loss is not obvious people, you might as well try a drink

5, cucumber rose tea

350 grams of tomatoes, cucumber 350 grams, 50 grams of fresh roses, lemon juice, honey, the appropriate amount

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