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Blooming Teas Wild Tea Tree
May 31, 2017

China is the hometown of tea, can be found in many places from ancient and modern Chinese wild tea proved. China is the largest wild tea tree found in the earliest, most countries.

Tea, began in the era of Shennong, accompanied by Chinese culture has gone through thousands of years of history; a long history of Chinese tea culture, blend of Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism school ideas, independence into one, timeless, endless.

Chinese tea is a great contribution to the health of the earth. Chinese tea tea ancestors are Shen Nong, Shen Nong is also the world tea tea ancestors. Chinese tea spread to the rest of the world, enhance health, enhance happiness, enhance physical and mental harmony, for the health concept and Zen tea culture adds infinite charm.

When will China begin to drink tea, everyone is speech, no one is. Only generally began to be in the Han, and popular in the Tang. Tang before drinking tea, Lu Yu, "tea by" under the "six tea drink" is the words, that: "tea for the drink, near Shen Nong's, smell Lu Zhou Gong, Qi Yan Yan, Han Yang Hong, Sima Phase, such as Wu Youwei Yao, Jin has Liu Kun, Zhang Zai, far Zuna, Xie An, Zuo Si of the disciples, are drinking Yan. "But more than real facts. Vertical is the historical facts, non-added representations, is not easy to understand.

Chinese tea industry, initially happy in the Bashu, then to the east and south to spread, and ultimately throughout the country. To the Tang Dynasty, there are spread to Japan and North Korea, after the 16th century by the West. Therefore, the history of the spread of tea, divided into domestic and foreign two lines.

Tea for the Chinese specialty, or that the origin, after the spread in the east and west, the first Japanese tea drinking customs of the origin of Japan. Chinese tea before entering Japan, the legend of Japan's high Chiba spine leaves seven mountains, before the fat, Jiu mill eight generations of deer, Tsukuba's leaves on the wife, before the feathers by the Sichuan, abundance of the wild wild people Zhujun, there are wild tea. Is the Japanese person taking the drink or not and whether it is planted or not?

Japan has a tea from the Chinese descendants, when the early days of peace, Huan Wu Ping City Saga between the emperor, preaching Hiroshi invited monks to study monks continue to Tang, is the descendants of tea. Before the lead to the most right to the Tang Dynasty, returned, Taizhou Sima mouth boiled tea for the farewell, that is, carrying tea to the day, planted in Jiangzhou Sakamoto. Or that in the Nara dynasty of the holy martial law, the monks have been carrying tea in the palace of the government, Gu from the country or not, you can not conclude. When the beginning of the import of tea, the Japanese species of the immature, especially drinking less. At that time, the camp public poetry, although the "East is not sleep, stuffy drink a cup of tea," the sentence, but since the peace toward the warehouse about eighty years, tea is not open, it is only aristocratic monks in the consumer goods. And Ren'an Wenzhi, before and after the two into the Song, Rongxi Zen Master returned, the cultivation of tea and tea culture, the beginning and the whole country.