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Culture | Those Afternoon Tea At The Donington Manor
May 16, 2017

Culture | those afternoon tea at the Donington Manor

Today, the small stack and you are ramble, that is, "Tang Dun Manor" where people drink anytime, anywhere the kind of tea,

Morning cup

Afternoon followed by a cup,

China's tea production ranks first in the world, but we Chinese people are not the world's favorite tea, which you are surprised? In the contribution of tea consumption, the top three are in Turkey, Ireland and the United Kingdom, while China only ranked 19th.

Turkey can be seen everywhere tea traders

In Turkey, although they are in contact with the history of tea is shorter than the Europeans, but each of the Turks can 

still drink 1250 cups of tea per year.

Become a Western national drink

In the eighth century, Lu Yu in the "tea" reads: "tea, the South of the wood is also", you can know that tea has been in the 

ancient times in the East, since the date has not stopped its history. The earliest of the European literature on the tea records, they are in the sea after the East came to the matter.

In the 17th century, the British first came into contact with tea. Portuguese princess for the British court brought the 

habit of drinking tea, and these tea is still from the Kangxi years of China, to the mid-18th century, tea has become a national drink, of course, we are talking about black tea.

For the British black tea is not added spices, but usually with the kind of tea to drink milk, the market mainly includes black tea in India Assam, Darjeeling tea; Sri Lanka's Ceylon tea; from China is Mountain seed black tea.

Chinese tea and British tea is the biggest difference between the Chinese tea pay attention to a single, pure, natural, Qing 

Yin taste, to seek the inherent taste of tea, you can imagine a tea will be in the Longjing inside a Tieguanyin ? No!

While the British tea pay attention to blend, is the so-called fight. In the Chinese tea have not seen this done. Domestic 

fight often reminiscent of blending, often give a bad feeling. But the British match is not the case, mainly to reconcile a 

new taste, such as Assam taste heavy but lack of aroma, and tin blue tea taste is not heavy enough, then the two kinds of tea 

together Can make up for both deficiencies. For example, specifically for the morning tea produced by the British breakfast 

tea, is the combination of Assam and Ceylon tea, the taste is relatively strong, suitable for morning refreshing,

When the afternoon bell knocked, the world of all the time for the tea and stop.

According to the "history of British culture of life culture" to describe the British high society in the day of eating habits: "In the upper class began to have a fixed habit of drinking tea, is from the industrial era of people's daily diet, usually around 10 o'clock in the morning to eat A sumptuous breakfast, 12:00 is a simple meal, after 6 pm is a luxurious dinner, but to the nineteenth century, breakfast time to eight to nine, dinner time until after half past seven , So long before dinner, eat a little simple food. "Therefore, the British afternoon tea generally flourish reasons.

We often refer to the British afternoon tea, in fact, especially the British in the afternoon from 2:00 to 5:00 to drink

that Dayton low tea (this Low is not that Low ...), will include tea, dessert, Secretary Kang, milk, etc. , The main purpose 

is to rest.

In addition, there is actually a high tea, and the former pursuit of the rest is different, it is the work of the people of 

the past five or six days under the paddle to add strength to eat a small dinner, eat mostly bread, meat, these anti-hungry 

food, so Next time that tea can not use high tea this word again.

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