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Detox And Wellness Teas According To The Human Body System
Oct 19, 2017

Detox and Wellness Teas According to the human body system

Tea should be selected according to the human body system

In general, the so-called "tea", is to spend a variety of flowers after drying to drink water to drink. Many flowers, such as roses, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and so are a special effect of the plant, used to drink water does have a fitness, beauty effect, but not all flowers are suitable for anyone. Because the body's physical differences are individual, there are virtual and hot and cold points, so what flowers to drink, with the amount of need to be based on their own physical, or under the guidance of experts.

Even the most common tea, there are certain precautions when drinking, the following describes several often drink "special flowers" and to adapt to the crowd.

Rose tea, sexual tepid, with blood circulation (on irregular menstruation), liver qi qi (emotional calm, to appease) the effect.

Red moon tea, sexual tepid, the effect of promoting blood circulation. Because roses and red rose flowers similar efficacy, can also be mixed together to drink.

Chrysanthemum tea, cold, with the evacuation of wind heat, detoxification, Liver eyesight effect, but the spleen Deficiency, stool pond people should not drink.

Honeysuckle tea, cold, with heat detoxification (suitable for colds, fever, throat pain in patients), evacuation of wind heat (dysentery with adjuvant therapy), swelling and pain effect, but the spleen and stomach should not be used.

Chinese Huai, cold, with cooling blood, bleeding, liver purging fire effect, the main treatment of blood in the stool, hemostasis, uterine bleeding embolism. As China Huai Zhong contains rutin and quercetin, but also soften the blood vessels, atherosclerosis have a certain role in adjuvant therapy. But the amount of drinking should not be too large, especially the spleen and stomach Deficiency should not drink.

Therefore, do not know what the system is what to drink the case of tea, you can first find a Chinese medicine advice. In order to choose the appropriate tea to drink the day. The tea is good for the liver

1, colorful chrysanthemum - Qinggan eyesight, Pinggan Xifeng

2, jade beauty - Qingrejiedu, Qinggan gallbladder, blood stasis, blood pressure, prevention and treatment of diabetes.

3, jasmine - Shugan eyesight, moisturizing beauty, governance face dark and dull

4, calendula - Liver eyesight, anti-inflammatory, Yang Wei, Jieshu

5, Huangshan Gong Chrysanthemum - Shufeng cooling, Liver eyesight, Paiduyangyan, play the role of longevity beauty

6, cassia seed - clear eyesight, the eyes are not clear, laxative is very effective.

7, rose eggplant - hangover liver, whitening freckle, sweet and sour taste!

8, lemon grass, rosemary, verbena can strengthen the liver metabolism and detoxification function.