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Detox And Wellness Teas According To The Type
Oct 30, 2017

Detox and Wellness Teas According to the type

Brew herbal tea and other tea, also must be flowers and grass, the portion of boiling water and the time of the bubble, can make a pot of good herbal tea. Some herbal teas are taken from the stems or roots of plants, which must be cooked and tasted. Some are flowers or leaves that are taken from plants and can be soaked with hot water. It is important to note that each herbal tea has different health effects, so it is not possible to mix and match without a professional to avoid side effects.

Warm pot: with boiling water to warm the teapot and teacup, cool teapot can not make the original flavor of herbal tea, so make sure to warm the teapot and teacup.

Pour in the right amount of herbal tea, the amount of herbal tea varies according to type or size, but basically a teapot (about 500cc) requires about 2 teaspoons of herbal tea. Of course according to the flavor of each person can adjust.

Brew: first put flowers and plants tea before flushing water, can let flowers and plants adequately soak; If it's a tea bag, pour boiling water into the tea bag. With about 90-95 ℃ temperature, can soak out the fragrance of flowers and taste. If it is suitable for cooking herbal tea, you must first boil the water, then put the flowers and plants in, so as not to cook too long, damaging the nutrients and flavor of herbal tea.

Cover the lid: flush the hot water and immediately cover the lid with a cup of tea, about 3-5 minutes of tea and tea, about 1 minute of tea. Pour out all the herbal tea, so that it doesn't taste too strong. Generally speaking, herbal tea is about 2 times. Many people feel sore throat should drink plain boiled water, in fact excessive drink boiled water can aggravate the excretory burden of the body. If you add some of the herbs, such as rohan, chubby, honeysuckle, mouten, wheat, or chrysanthemum, you may have an effect on relieving the symptoms.

Winter easy to sore throat when had better not eat hot pot, spicy foods such as malatang, duck meat stew with medlar do good to throat, vegetable porridge, hawthorn porridge and sour foods such as plum, hawthorn and so on all is good for his throat.

Edema pain: gold and silver tea

Taste gan, sexual cold, has the function of clear heat detoxification, evacuation wind heat. It has a certain effect on the body heat or hot headache, dry mouth and dry mouth, etc., and it has the effect of detoxifying and detoxifying the throat and throat. Can treat flu, acute chronic tonsillitis and so on disease.

Use gold and silver flowers, rhubarb, according to the dosage of 3:1 to drink together, and with the right amount of honey to seasoning, have the effect of fresh water, moist bowel general. However, it is important to note that honeysuckle is very cold and not suitable for long term drinking, especially in the case of cold body and menstrual period.