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Detox And Wellness Teas Healthy Tea Life
Jul 03, 2017

Detox and Wellness Teas Healthy tea life

In order to the same ideal, with a mission, with a share, with the bright ideal business platform, we meet today in Chuxiong ideal tea house. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to all the friends and friends who are interested in the ideal business. I called Li Ziqun, this "healthy tea life" theme activities hosted by me. Here the first by I lead you into the Chuxiong ideal tea house, into the ideal. 1, the ideal to play a nation's prosperity, must start from the cultural prosperity. Tea as a treasure of Chinese traditional culture, roots in China, but flourished in foreign countries. Especially the lack of Chinese tea brand, is always the pain of people. It is with the "revitalization of the Chinese tea industry," a mission and responsibility, Long Run and desperate to enter the tea industry, put forward the "use of youth as a mortgage to build the Chinese tea industry!" With our generation of the most valuable youth Love to play an industry, the rise and prosperity of a brand. The competition of the world tea industry is the competition of science and technology. The ideal of continuous technological innovation, breaking the tea is only a wide range of beverage shape, so that tea from the simple agricultural and sideline products to enhance the modern biotechnology products, improve the tea utilization and added value. Developed a tea food, tea health products, tea daily necessities, tea cleaning products and other patented health products, the original "morning brush tea, noon drinking tea at night to sleep tea; face painted tea, who wear tea, at the foot Soaked tea "tea lifestyle, leading the healthy consumption of tea, convenient consumption, fashion consumption trend. 2, against the big health care revolution Ma said that the next one can exceed my people, must appear in the health industry. The big health industry is the fifth revolution of the world's wealth - the health revolution, which contains huge business opportunities. Dear friends, this moment we deeply feel the future is the era of health care revolution, the ideal health tea lifestyle is our common expectations and pursuit.

2 ideal healthy tea lifestyle based on pass, solution, transfer, make up the theory of detoxification health, to build a tea lifestyle as a system of standard health solutions. Through the passage of the body "rubbish", smooth operation of the system to lift the body toxins, restore health and vitality, adjust the body balance, to ensure a virtuous circle, to supplement the balanced nutrition, improve the operation of the four major steps, so that the formation of ecological harmony of the various circular , The body's health indicators remain stable, healthy mode to be a perfect upgrade. It is the essence of high quality natural plant, especially add tea essence. Biodegradation strong decontamination, food-grade plant safe cleaning formula, the food surface attached to the pesticide residues and pollutants quickly peeled and decomposed to restore the taste of the ingredients themselves, while improving the freshness of ingredients.

A leaf can go through the millennium without failure, in addition to the shape of delicious, there is a strong cultural heritage inside. So love men who love tea more conservation, understand astronomical weather, understand the geographical environment, understand Zen tea blindly. From the environmental climate of tea to the degree of fermentation baking, from the black tea to the Pu'er tea bubble method, as long as you do the ideal tea project, you can from literature to aesthetics, from geography to astronomy, physics, no Will not.