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Detox And Wellness Teas Natural Health Green Tea
Aug 01, 2017

Detox and Wellness Teas Natural Health Green Tea

Detoxification and health tea is a tree called Yierba tree leaves, about 15 ~ 20cm, dentate, petiole shorter, baked into a dry after the delicious and detoxification of healthy tea. a professional import and export of tea processing enterprises. Detox and health tea is a specialty plant in South America, Argentina, excellent health, can boost the nervous system and brain, enhance muscle, heart, blood vessels and improve the blood circulation of nourishing drinks. Detoxification and health tea is 100% natural healthy green tea, contains very high nutritional value. According to the Argentine nutritionist, detoxification and health tea are pure natural plants, and in all pure natural plants it has the most vitamin C content. But also rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and E, and a variety of minerals such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, manganese, etc., in addition it contains carbohydrates, fiber, single acid, chlorophyll and ten Six kinds of human body need protein, no artificial color or other impurities. Detoxification and health tea loved by the world, men and women all ages drink. Taste slightly bitter refreshing, often drink can get rid of fatigue, energetic, enhance physical fitness, stimulate brain activity, so that the body produces a very pleasant comfort. Ladies are eager to have snow and white skin, detoxification and health of tea vitamin C, can make the skin soft, strong, bright white effect. Detoxification and health tea can also regulate the nervous system and blood circulation, reduce serum, cholesterol, and neutral fat deposition on the blood vessels, increase vascular toughness, reduce glycerol coagulation, help to lose weight, detoxification, and improve the urine barrier problem.

Detoxification and health tea is recognized by the world as a natural and healthy food, the world's pharmaceutical authorities are strongly recommended. In addition to popular in Argentina, in France, Brazil, mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and the rest of the world are also very popular, very loved. Detox and health tea contains a lot of vitamin C and a single, can enhance the resistance to infectious diseases. In addition, detoxification and healthy tea tannins, lipopolysaccharides, caffeine, vitamin C and E, and habitat, manganese, zinc and other trace elements in the interaction, can lift a lot of factors, toxic gas radiation damage And carcinogenic characteristics. So it can be said that detoxification and health tea is the best health drink. Years of experience confirmed detoxification and health tea to help the following diseases: 1, blood pressure 5, insomnia, poor sleep 9, fatigue, depression 2, heart blood vessels 6, gastrointestinal diseases such as stomach, constipation and other 10, wind pain 3, Kidney or bile end rock 11, skin disease 4, difficulty breathing 8, obesity 12, body odor 1, digestive system detoxification and health tea has a strong function of the bowel stomach, all aspects of the report shows that it can not only immediately enhance the digestion Ability, can also cure all kinds of gastrointestinal injury disease. Long-term or severe constipation as long as the regular consumption of detoxification and health tea, the problem can be easily resolved.

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