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Detox And Wellness Teas Supplementary Qi
May 31, 2017

Detoxification tea generally have Ningxin soothe the nerves, pure heart Chufan, add Qi and other effects.

65% of human cells are water, extracellular and water. If you do not drink enough water, the cells can not normal metabolism, sweating, urination are not enough detoxification. The skin can absorb any drugs, the skin of the drug absorption rate of about 40%, so can not be coated with cosmetics. Apply ointment to the skin and find 40% of the active ingredient in the blood. In addition, the heart patients with sublingual tablets, because the sublingual oral mucosa can also absorb the efficacy.

For the long-term constipation crowd, taking some of the liquid detoxification products is necessary, but for the general population, as long as the usual attention to the scientific diet, the general can metabolic function of the body itself, toxins.

About Toxin Editors

What is toxins

Toxic refers to substances that adversely affect the human body. Intrinsic toxins such as free radicals, stool, cholesterol, fat, uric acid, lactic acid, water and congestion.

Exogenous toxins such as: air pollution, pesticide residues in vegetables, automobile exhaust, industrial waste gas, chemicals, preservatives in food, cosmetics in excess of heavy metals, junk food and other modern civilization to bring side effects, pathogenic microorganisms.

Endogenous poison: metabolism in the production of metabolic waste, intestinal sink and sugar fat, protein metabolism caused by the toxins.

Toxins cause

1, the clinical dose of antibiotics is increasing, more and more products, but the body's resistance, resistance more and more strong, the effect of treatment is getting worse. An average of 3.5 diseases, the need for 4.1 kinds of drugs, but the treatment is harmful, the surface seems to have been cured, but the drug caused by side effects, often cause new diseases. Once the withdrawal, immediately deteriorated; kept dressing, a disease to use several drugs. Knowing that the side effects are large and the medicine can be eaten more than the rice.

2, food chain pollution; agricultural products (residual pesticides), animal husbandry and meat (hormones), processed foods (preservatives, pigments, additives, etc.)

3, drinking water pollution; paper mills, chemical plants, mining and so on

4, the atmosphere of pollution; cars, dust explosion, thermal power plants and so on

5, the stool; the source of all diseases.

Detox tea crowd editor

Selection of detoxification tea for different people

Chinese medicine, tea is alcohol, nicotine, exhaust and radiation and other toxins the cheapest "antidote", can rule out the body of toxins, it is heat thirst quencher health to share. Different groups of people should be based on their own professional and physical conditions choose to choose a different detoxification tea drinking, in order to achieve the role of detoxification health.

Office workers computer is an indispensable tool for office workers. Long staring at the computer easy to make eye fatigue, serious can cause vision loss. Recommended chrysanthemum tea anti-radiation, planted fiber and flower fat, Chinese wolfberry tea laxative. Gold combination, anti-radiation, while protecting eyesight can also achieve the effectiveness of detoxification beauty.

1, chrysanthemum tea - from the white chrysanthemum and fine oolong tea baked from the chrysanthemum tea, is the daily contact with the electronic pollution of office workers should be a kind of tea. Because the tea in the white chrysanthemum has the role of detoxification, the accumulation of harmful chemical or radioactive substances in the body, have low resistance, the exclusion of the effect, especially for summer drinking, can detoxification.

2, herbal tea - some Chinese tea can bowel, but the bowel and promote fat metabolism is not much, only the composite extraction class, the relative will have a specific effect. A variety of plant complexes can be a good detoxification row greasy, promote their own fat metabolism, enhance the decomposition of abdominal fat effect. Body fat exceeded, greasy diet, suitable for long-term drinking.

3, wolfberry tea - wolfberry tea is actually a traditional Chinese medicine, with laxative effect. If a person for three consecutive days without defecation, to buy no special bitter taste of wolfberry tea drink a drink. Drink at night, the next morning will be refreshing, no longer have burnout.

A small amount of drinking a day is good for the body, but every time you drink high will have a great harm to the body, especially for the digestive tract, liver damage is particularly serious, long-term, will greatly increase the liver cirrhosis and The possibility of fatty liver. Recommended black tea hangover, white chrysanthemum Hugan, rose liver qi.

1, the best way to protect the liver is to quit, but if drunk, the best choice for black tea hangover, because the black sugar in the higher sugar content. In addition, the concentration of tea should not be too high, otherwise the tea caffeine may increase the heart rate and increase the burden on the heart. Another tea is only its auxiliary to reduce the role of wine drink too much tea hangover effect is also difficult to play.

2, want to protect the liver in the usual, you can try white chrysanthemum tea and rose tea. White chrysanthemum and roses can be liver qi, is a good choice for the family of entertainment. At the same time, rose tea or beauty beauty to share, can blood circulation, adjust the endocrine, the most suitable for endocrine disorders and obesity MM. In addition, the entertainment too many people usually have more high vitamin C content of fruit, such as oranges, oranges, vitamin B can protect the digestive system, you can add more to help healthy detoxification, diet should pay attention to avoid eating big fish, These things are too greasy, easy to hurt.