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Detox And Wellness Teas Various Kinds
Aug 15, 2017

Detox and Wellness Teas various kinds

Herbal tea is a flower plant buds, petals or leaves for the material, after harvesting, drying, processed after the production of health drinks. Herbal tea originated in Europe, generally refers to those who do not contain tea ingredients vanilla drinks, so herbal tea is actually no "tea" ingredients.

A wide variety of herbal tea, different characteristics, therefore, in drinking must be to understand the different types of herbal tea herbs, pharmacodynamic characteristics, in order to give full play to the health care function of herbal tea.

History of Herbal Tea

The use of mankind has been a long history, and has been widely used in China and India before the emergence of tea. So far found that the earliest evidence of the use of herbaceous plants, is about 60,000 years ago in the archaeological site, the prehistoric era of ape cave retained the use of Western grass, Qin grass grass and other traces.

In ancient Egypt, people like to put the onions and garlic as a prescription for herbs, and useful hieroglyphics on the herbaceous prescription of papyrus; in the United States, the fleshy and thyme were already used in the Euphrates River, five thousand years ago. China, about the first century BC compiled the completion of the "Shen Nong Cao Jing" recorded 365 kinds of herbs. After the ancient Greek Western medicine father Hippocrates had written in the prescription, "drinking herbs boiled juice," the application of herbal tea as a formal treatment of pharmaceuticals, which can be seen as the use of grass flowers in the West origin.

In ancient times, the church at that time stressed that the power of faith can cure all diseases, but many priests still refer to the early Greek and Roman era of medical books, planting a variety of herbs, to teach the people of the parish.

In the 11th century, the Roman Empire continued to expand outward, expeditionary army to carry the herbs sprinkled along the way, making the spread of herbal knowledge more widely. At that time people in the plague and other infectious diseases outbreak, but also know how to burn herbs disinfection, or to get rid of some of the smell of disease vector.

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