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Detox Tea Effect
May 25, 2017

Tea is an ancient drug formulation with thousands of years of history, but for various reasons to modern times has become the trend of annihilation. In recent years, with the development of science and technology and people's health awareness.

Modern tea has been basically abandoned in the past, no fixed form of tea practice, using a sterile non-toxic non-woven paper bag, making tea extract leaching clear. No residue from the ingredients easier to fully dissolution, while also reducing the hand and drug contact. Use to facilitate health. Tea is divided into two categories, one is composed of pure Chinese medicine, the other is made of tea and traditional Chinese medicine mixture. Slimming tea belongs to the latter class.

The first is to lose tea in order to maintain the taste of tea, of which about half of the total amount of tea. Tea selection oolong tea, black tea, Pu'er tea, tea, green tea and so on. Tea itself has a better weight loss. In the ancient disturbance "in addition to sputum to greasy", "drink more fat" level, the Tang Dynasty "Materia Medica Supplements" said "tea for a long time food is thin, to human fat." Modern science proved that tea is rich in alkaloids, vitamins, amino acids, trace elements such as hundreds of ingredients, many of which can promote the body fat metabolism, reduce gallstones and triglycerides. Followed by slimming tea and some medicine and food homologous, the role of palliative lipid-lowering drugs, and tea lipid-lowering effect of weight-bearing complementary long-term drinking, there is a certain lipid-lowering, health care role. So, despite the slimming tea market wolves everywhere, the new slimming tea has been introduced, but there are still some slimming tea market.

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