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Detox Teas Good Composition
Oct 30, 2017

Detox Teas Good composition

Herbal tea features and benefits

The features and benefits of herbal tea: the health care effect of the herbal tea ingredients, it can be served as a cooking seasonings, or refine makeup and maintenance supplies needed for the essence, take drugs or processed into inside and outside, but the simplest and most common way is bubble into herbal tea. Herbal teas are free of caffeine, low tannins, low in calories and more beneficial ingredients. In terms of its color, it is a variety of shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, indigo and violet. And its fragrance, the fragrance of Lin Lin's total fragrance, whether it is mild and fresh, or strong to the nose, each has its own distinctive and pleasant smell. As for the taste of herbal tea. Some of them are pure and elegant, some of them are refreshing, some are sweet and sour, and even bitter. Such as lavender, mallow, lemon verbena, etc., are all the herbal teas.

Drinking herbal tea, can relieve pressure, help sleep, or refreshing, digestion, invigoration, long-term benefits is mild regulate physiological function, for people who was susceptible to colds and chronic pain, can fundamentally improve the physique, and most do not have side effects. Of course, the curative effect of herbal tea is not as good as herbal tea. It must be consumed for several weeks. However, there will be no more than a few of the worries that lead to too much medicine, and there is no limit to the consumption of the day.

The various features of herbal tea

The composition of herbal tea is more varied than that of tea. If it can enjoy the unique flavor, the compound drink has a rich taste. Compound herbal tea is usually in order to harmonize the taste for easy drinking or a curative effect, so the content of the complementary or care characteristics similar to taste, including composite flowers and plants, composite composite flowers and fruit, and tea (also called flavored tea) form, such as compound herbal tea products and romantic name to them from the formula. Furthermore, the ingredients of herbal tea can be dried or fresh. Many people grow herbal tea from the family garden. After the harvest, the fruit is used for making tea, or it is dried in the first place so that it can be used for the rest of the day. As for the market on the market for the sale of the herbal products of the herbal tea raw materials mostly dry goods, and in the full shape of the main. Semi - dry ingredients, with the overall shape (the shape of the approximate freshness), the tea bags are relatively small. Because tea bags must make flavor release quickly, usually adopt type herbal tea as raw material, this kind of raw material oxidation occurred in the process of cutting, containing aromatic oil has resulted in a loss, tea flavor not more inferior. But herbal tea bags make it easier to brew herbal tea, and because the content is more complex, its flavor is very popular.