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Do You Think That Is Just The General Green Tea Matcha Powder?
Sep 21, 2017

Perhaps, many people mistakenly believe that green tea is generally Green Tea powder, or the general sense of the tea product. In fact, it is a kind of superfine powder made from the delicate raw materials of tea, which is made by steaming, cooling, dehydration, compound drying, combined crushing, and so on. Green tea production using the traditional dry grinding technology and the modern superfine grinding technology, the whole process is always carried out in the state of low temperature, good preservation of active ingredients in tea.

The original green tea requirement for high quality, require the use of amino acid, protein and high content of leaf green tea, and low caffeine content in raw material. Before picking, the picking time and leaf size of fresh tea were required. Green tea production in a relatively short time, only about fifty days, with four and 52 months to produce high-quality fresh tea as raw material, produced the best quality green tea. The tea tree processing green tea also has exquisite, the tea to asexual reproduction technology training, to ensure the purity of tea varieties. In addition, in order to ensure the quality of the fresh leaves, in the planting process, the staff also need shade sunstroke in tea production, in this way the tea into the tea that cover for the processing of raw materials.

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