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Drinking Principles Of Herbal Health Tea
Apr 20, 2017

Drinking Principles of Herbal Health Tea

Tea is a traditional diet customary, there are drinking habits around, because tea can supplement

 the body needs some of the nutrients, the health of the human body has a very big effect, and 

now people are not limited to drinking traditional Tea, but more and more like to drink some new 

tea, such as lotus leaf tea, health tea, etc., which herbal health tea is more popular, the 

following look at the principles of herbal health tea drink it.

Principles of drinking tea


Spring should drink petals tea

: The scene is docile, yang rise, should choose to stimulate the senses, fragrant rich petals 

type of tea, can help distribute the accumulation of winter in the body of cold evil, the birth 

of the body yang, Yang Gan Dan, dredge meridians, such as roses, jasmine ,chrysanthemum.


Summer should drink herbal tea: the scene is hot, yang thirsty, should choose tea settling, tea

 gas bitter, there is a sense of coolness of flowers and grass tea, to chop choke thirst, tonic 

stomach, such as green tea, mint tea.


Autumn drink tea fruit: the scene is dry, yang gradually fade up, should choose the nature of 

the convergence of fruit into the tea to remove the body heat, cough and phlegm, Yangfei Ziyin,

 such as kumquat, pineapple, oolong tea.


Winter tea should be the root of the stem: the scene cold, chi shui Sheng, should choose tea

 quality temperature, tea gas Xin scattered roots of tea, to drive cold Yang, such as aspartame,

 black tea, Tieguanyin.

The above is for the herbal health of the principle of drinking tea to explain, and hope that

 people can understand, herbal health tea is a better type of tea, has a certain important 

effect, for the frail people is very suitable for long-term Drinking can be healthy, longevity

 and so on.

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