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Drinking Skills Of Lotus Leaf Slimming Tea
Nov 16, 2017

Drinking skills of lotus leaf slimming tea

1, must be strong tea. Second, the bubble tea has no effect, although as long as the color can be made to brew a number of times can be. But other than the first bubble, there's no other way to lose weight. Because the extraction of lotus leaf alkali is very difficult, boiling water can only soak the lotus leaf tea superficial part of the lotus leaf alkali, that is, the first bubble can soak out a fine lotus leaf alkali, no matter how many times brewing, can not effectively extract lotus leaf alkali.

2, basically a day drinking 4 lotus leaf tea,

3, it is best to drink on an empty stomach. Drink before meals. The change will happen naturally, nuciferine fat has a strong rejection effect, long-term accumulation of human nuciferine, inhibit fat absorption, potential signal used to produce the brain eating nerve, so that you gradually dislike Hunxing greasy food.

4, don't have to diet. After drinking for a period of time, the appetite for food can increase the frequency of defecation in people with constipation signs. Defecate unobstructed, more helpful to lose weight.

5, lotus leaf tea is not boiled. Put a package of tea in a teapot or a big teacup, pour on boiling water and drink it. Best to stew for 5~6 minutes, so that tea will be more concentrated. And even if the tea cool, the effect will not change, so in summer can be iced after drinking, taste better.

6, pregnant women banned.

7, regular drinking can reduce blood pressure, reduce blood lipids, weight loss, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease, biliary inflammation, gallstones, fatty liver, obesity and so on. Women who are obsessed with obesity, and people who think about preventing adult diseases because they are middle-aged, might as well drink more lotus leaf tea. Lotus leaf tea is a kind of food, not drug, so it has the advantages of non-toxic and safe.

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