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Health Drink Dandelion Tea
Oct 31, 2016

United Kingdom introduction of Zhengda area of China dandelion, specially processed into dandelion tea, drink the tea becomes trendy, but also exported to Japan. And made into health food, such as dandelion tea, dandelion wine, dandelion sauce. Dandelions are food and medicine and food, has a very high nutritional value. Tests showed that dandelion has a broad spectrum bactericidal and bacteriostatic action, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella typhimurium, Shigella inhibitory and bactericidal effects, with "natural antibiotic" reputation. Modern medical research found that dandelion can cure upper respiratory tract infection, acute bronchitis, gastroenteritis, etc. Studies have shown that dandelion has both "three-effect", that is, antiviral, anti-infection and anti-cancer effects. Is the ideal resource for developing green health products. Japan and the United Kingdom, and France introduced in China for the cultivation of virtues of dandelion leaves hypertrophy is an excellent vegetable.