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Healthy Detox Tea Principle
May 25, 2017

Tea contains aromatic compounds can dissolve fat, chemical odor to prevent fat accumulation in the body. The vitamin B1, C and caffeine, can promote gastric secretion, and help digestion, cellulite.

Slimming tea through functional and toxicology experiments show that can promote fat metabolism, to maintain normal physiological function, to overcome the food type, drainage type, nerve suppression and other weight loss products to break the diet, reduce human function, and induce other The shortcomings of the disease.

Tea in the tea polyphenols have the effect of improving metabolism, antioxidant, scavenging free radicals and other effects, can be by a number of triglycerides lipolysis lipase and the role of activated protein kinase, reduce fat cell accumulation, so to achieve weight loss effect.

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