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Herbal Kampo Slimming Tea Effect Ok
Mar 31, 2017

Herbal Kampo slimming tea effect ok

Weight loss is a lot of women's task, basically every woman thinks they are too fat, the body is not enough slim does not meet their own wishes. So women want to find a simple way to reach their own weight loss wish. Xiaobian today for everyone to recommend three herbal Kampo slimming tea, so that we can achieve their aspirations.

One, clove jasmine tea

Material: lilac dried flowers, jasmine tea, green tea each 100g.

Method: the above three kinds of materials together into a fine powder, and then made into a tea bag, every day soaked with water made of tea, drink at any time every day.

Efficacy: This clove jasmine tea rational gas benefits, the effect of oil and lipid-lowering, often drink this tea is naturally able to achieve weight loss effect.

Taboo: the general obese people are able to drink this clove jasmine tea, but some of the stomach is not suitable for drinking sweat green tea, it is necessary to be careful.

Second, thin yellow tea

Material: rhubarb 5g, green tea 15g.

Method: the rhubarb and green tea to boil for 5 minutes to drink.

Efficacy: This rhubarb green tea is the gospel of weight loss, which can achieve a good weight-loss effect, long-term adhere to the words, weight-loss effect is very obvious. Especially some of the perennial constipation is the most suitable for drinking, and in solving the problem of constipation at the same time, the body will become slim Oh.

Taboo: this tea in the rhubarb is the cold things, so spleen or stomach cold to drink carefully.

Three, ginseng rose tea

Material: ginseng 2-3g, rose 10g, red dates 3.

Method: the ginseng, roses, red dates washed, with about 80 degrees of boiling water can be soaked to drink.

Efficacy: ginseng, roses, red dates like this, can play the effect of weight loss, long-term drinking slim, but the color is still very good Oh.