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How To Go To DIY Beauty Slimming Tea?
Jul 28, 2017

Some women sit in the office for long periods of time and work in air-conditioned conditions. The skin feels very dry and the belly becomes more and more loose. In fact, may wish to make myself some special beauty slimming drink in the water at the same time, conditioning color, skin care, can lose weight, convenient and effective.

Skin beauty tea

Green tea at the end of the amount of 1 grams of chondroitin. First brew a cup of green tea with boiling water, then mix the chondroitin with the tea. Regular consumption can be strong skin, so that the skin is elastic.

Fat tea

Tea, ginger, myrobalan each equal parts. First tea, myrobalan 1 bowls of water, make it hot, add ginger decoction. To cure indigestion, and significant weight loss.

Eyebrow tea

Overnight tea amount, a little honey. In the overnight tea, add a little honey, mix thoroughly, wash eyebrow surface, eyebrow can be run. Long term use can make eyebrows bushy and shiny.

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