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How To Go To DIY Beauty Slimming Tea?(二)
Jul 28, 2017

Some women sit in the office for long periods of time and work in air-conditioned conditions. The skin feels very dry and the belly becomes more and more loose. In fact, may wish to make myself some special beauty slimming drink in the water at the same time, conditioning color, skin care, can lose weight, convenient and effective.

Glossy ganoderma tea

Ganoderma lucidum 10 grams, a little green tea. Cut the Ganoderma lucidum into thin slices and brew it in boiling water. Add green tea to drink. It can strengthen the bones and muscles, and keep the youth, tender and white skin.

Polygonum multiflorum Thunb tea

Green tea, Radix Polygoni Multiflori, Alisma orientalis and Salvia miltiorrhiza were added in equal amount, fried with water and then served with slag. 1 times a day, at random, after drinking, there are beauty, lipid-lowering, weight loss and other effects.

Mineral water tea

Tea amount, mineral water 50 ml.. Add mineral water, sugar, brew tea, often drink can enhance physical strength, so that the skin becomes soft and delicate.

Grape tea

Grape 100 grams, white sugar amount, green tea 5 grams. First brew the green tea in boiling water, add 60 ml of cold water with grapes and sugar, and mix it with green tea juice. It can resist aging and maintain youthful vigor.

Pearl tea

Pearl powder, each equal parts of tea, brewing tea with boiling water to tea to send clothing Pearl powder. It has the effect of moisturizing, beautifying and beautifying. It is suitable for aging skin.

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