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How To Recognize Organic Tea With Natural Health
Jul 03, 2017

What is organic tea?

Organic tea is a natural, hygienic, safe and pesticide free residue. It focuses on the concept of health and wellness at the end of the twentieth Century. It is very popular with consumers. However, what is organic tea? Organic tea is basically cultivated in the same way as ordinary agricultural products, and cannot be recognized by its appearance.

For organic tea, tea improving Liao Qingliang said: Director of organic tea is not used organic fertilizer called organic tea cultivation, organic farming in addition to pay attention to safety and sanitation and health, in principle should include three conditions. First, no chemical fertilizers are available, such as compost, like homemade compost that used to be used as organic fertilizer. Second, the use of chemical pesticides, land and irrigation water used shall not be contaminated. Because synthetic pesticides have residual problems, it will destroy the ecological environment, in addition, the herbicide can not be used, because some herbicides also found carcinogenic substances, the user and consumers are harmful. Third. Production in this way must be more than three years. If these three aspects are thoroughly implemented, the tea produced will be called organic tea or organic tea.

The chairman of the organic farming Marketing Association of the Republic of China, Zheng Fengxi, defined organic tea as an organic tea, a way of producing chemicals without any or minimal use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It is an agriculture that maintains and improves soil fertility and maintains a good ecological cycle. The cultivation methods are divided into organic cultivation and quasi organic cultivation. Organic cultivation is a method of cultivation without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and the use of non polluting organic fertilizers should be fully used and natural methods are adopted to prevent and control diseases and insect pests. "Quasi organic cultivation" is permitted within certain limits, the use of some chemical fertilizers and low toxicity pesticides, but the product still can not have any chemical pesticide residues cultivation methods.

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