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In The Late Spring And Early Summer, You Can Drink Herbal Tea
May 16, 2017

In the late spring and early summer, you can drink herbal tea

How much do you know about herbal tea? Do you know what kind of herbal tea to drink in what kind of situation?

Herbal tea is the way we keep the body yin and yang balance. Herbal tea cold and heat properties are different, such as the 

heat of the fire of the Acanthopanax or herbal tea, suitable for lit, dry mouth and drink; feel cold limbs, you have to drink 

partial hot jujube ginger tea, let the body get energy, immediately Feel warm whirring.

Moreover, herbal tea to drink it is easy, comfortable, and sometimes the climate and the environment. Some tea in Japan will 

feel very comfortable to drink, drink in China did not feel. In Japan to drink barley, millet, barley and other cereals of 

the traditional herbs sixteen tea, will suddenly feel the whole body, such as drought and timely heavy rain, whole body fresh. 

But the same tea back to China boiled, but found that drinking was not comfortable at that time. And the climate is different,

 herbal tea drink up the taste is not the same. Analysis of the sixteen tea recipe will find that it is a mild formula of 

herbal tea, it is suitable for dry weather in Japan, but I am afraid it is difficult to help the Chinese people to fire antipyretic.

Hot and humid, detoxification, herbal tea two major mainstream

Looking at the sale of herbal tea, regardless of drinks or tea bags, ingredients and more to wet, hot and detoxification-


Such as corn, barley, plantain can go to the moisture, remove the body of excess water; Houttuynia, honeysuckle, cassia seed 

detoxification antipyretic effect, similar strength strong "cool" medicine.

These ingredients are more suitable for people's physique, people prefer to taste the taste of the diet, the body easy to seize the water, but also do not love sports sweat, water out of the row, the metabolic status of red light, often appear

 more than a nose, sputum, allergies and eczema And other symptoms.

But often out of the air-conditioned room office workers on the contrary, drink warm water or herbal tea, will be better than 

the cold grass tea more comfortable. But the grass tea drink more easily hurt the stomach, you can drink brewed herbal tea, 

such as lotus leaf tea, to avoid the difference between the temperature inside and outside the body too much. If there is no 

inflammation (a cold precursor, heat stroke) situation, it is recommended to drink hot dates of red dates tea, cinnamon 

ginger tea, or sweet ginger black sugar tea, can promote blood circulation, improve migraine, back pain and other cold

 disease problems.

Experts will be commercially available herbal tea is divided into four categories, as long as the figure to find out the 

relevant ingredients, you can understand how to drink properly.

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