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Is It Good For Boys To Drink Green Tea Or Black Tea?
Dec 22, 2017

Both men and women, drink tea to see health. People love tea is the drink, but medical experts remind: tea need to discern the appropriate physical, drinking, or easily hurt. Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that human constitution is different from that of cold and hot, and that tea has different cool and temperate properties through different manufacturing processes. Therefore, different kinds of tea have different physique. Hot and the constitution, should drink cool tea, physical treatment, should drink warm tea. Common tea mainly divided into Green Tea (including Oolong Tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, DaGongPao), Black Tea (Pu'er Tea) and other categories. This is basically based on the level of tea fermentation from low to high. In general, Green Tea and tea drinking due to the low level of fermentation, which belongs to cool tea; tea in Oolong Tea, DaGongPao belong to neutral tea, and Black Tea, Pu'er Tea belongs to the temperature of tea. Experts suggest that smoking and drinking habits, easy to get angry, heat and form a fat man (that is hot and the Constitution) drink cool tea; stomach deficiency, usually eat balsam pear, watermelon will feel abdominal distension uncomfortable or a physique is weak (i.e. deficiency constitution), should drink tea or neutral temperature tea is suitable for the elderly, drinking Black Tea and Pu'er Tea. But you have to pay special attention, Kuding tea cool emphasis, Qingrejiedu, softening blood vessels, reducing blood lipid function better than other tea, the most suitable for the constitution hot drink, but the man is sweating constitution is not suitable for drinking this tea. However, people in modern constitution but not to hot, cold empty into simple, some people see two physical performance from both: fit easily lose fat, but eat cold things have diarrhea; others lean obvious weakness of spleen and stomach, but it is very hot. This is mainly the modern urban people who have bad habits such as smoking, drinking and staying up late, which leads to the diversification of physical fitness, but everyone's physical constitution will show the main symptoms. The main symptoms should be taken as the basis for tea drinking. In the health of urban disease, should drink DaGongPao, Black Tea and the neutral temperature of tea, tea, tea with milk in most make tea the effect will be better. If the blood sugar itself is not high, you can also consider adding sugar in the tea. Some people may have poor absorption function and drink milk tea may be diarrhea, so they only drink ripe Puer tea (a high degree of fermentation), because after Puer fermentation, there will be many trace elements that can promote appetite and absorption. Understand tea characteristics green tea: allergic constitution drinking green tea is easy to vomit. Most of the famous tea in China is green tea. Because there is no fermentation link in the production process, its nutritional composition is higher than that of other kinds, but its chlorophyll content is also more, which is more irritating to the stomach and intestines. Patients with gastric ulcer can not drink green tea. Tieguanyin: an empty stomach can't drink. Oolong tea is semi fermented tea, the fermentation period is short still cold, fat digestion features prominent, and particularly strong tea. But fasting can not drink Tieguanyin, otherwise, easy drunk tea. Oolong tea: it must be boiled at 100 centigrade. Oolong tea is not cold, hot, cool and sweet, is a neutral tea, suitable for most people to drink. Because the tea is older, it is necessary to use the boiling water at 100 degrees centigrade. Dahongpao Tea: warm but not cold do not hurt the stomach, mellow taste, aroma, after drinking the tooth cheek, prolonged fever, brew 9 times, as well as the original tea sweet scented osmanthus fragrance. Pu'er Tea: mild and mellow, warming stomach, blood pressure and blood fat reducing effect, long-term drinking to reduce atherosclerosis and prevent cardiovascular disease effectively.