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Matcha Teas Is How To Develop In China?
Sep 21, 2017

The three stages of the development of Matcha Teas Chinese

1, hazy origin stage, as medicinal materials. In the "Shen Nong's herbal classic" a book once pointed out: "Shennong, seventy-two case of poison, and a solution of tea", in 2700 BC, he put the tea chew swallow, the first step of human tea, known as "the originator of green tea"

2, the slow development stage, Tang Dynasty, people invented the steamed Matcha Teas powder (grinding tea), also revised evaluation method Brown fragrance, and become an integral part of people's daily drink. Tea records:"...... It was also steamed, on both the live, cooked, to live. In the dry pot, and the valley of Sanya kieda system, the steam and leaf shoots scattered teeth, fear the paste flow." The Song Dynasty developed into a tea party, was the most famous tea expert, writer Cai Xiang in "tea tea record" comment: the group hit Matcha tea into small pieces, and then crushed into fine powder, sieve out the tea at the end of two at the end of the hot money into the tea cup, thrown into the boiling water. Huapin soup taste color, flavor and taste, good for. In the words of "Ru Qing Dun" interpretation of that ancient tea will have its tea (green tea), Wei as summarized tea, will choose one or two good fruit snacks, called snacks, called tea.

3, accelerate the rise stage, accompanied with the development of tea cultivation, shading technology, breeding technology, provide the raw material for better tea; steaming equipment and make progress, quality Matcha has been greatly improved; the development of superfine grinding technology, greatly improving the production speed, reduce the cost. The green tea this ancient luxury toward the general public. At the same time, along with the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, environmental and health problems have become increasingly prominent, chronic disease health threat to people is increasing, the public nutrition and health demands more and more, the green tea and other natural nutritional health products, rapid development.

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