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Natural Herbal Slimming Tea Has Improved
Oct 19, 2017

Natural Herbal Slimming Tea Has improved

slim tea makes you slim

1. Carnation: to improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, eliminate toxins, regulate the effectiveness of female endocrine, fragrant taste, help to get rid of irritability.

2. honeysuckle: treatment of habitual constipation, with honeysuckle, rhubarb, in accordance with the amount of 3: 1, together with tea drinking, and the amount of honey seasoning. There is heat detoxification, laxative, thin belly effect.

3. Jasmine: can improve the phenomenon of lethargy and anxiety, chronic stomach, menstrual disorders are also effective. Jasmine and pink roses with brewed drink has the effect of thin.

4. Xin Yihua: Paiduyangyan, heat cough, blood pressure to lose weight.

5. Verbena: a strengthening of the liver's metabolic function, and has a relaxing nerve to help digestion and improve the effectiveness of abdominal gas, can cure migraine headache, as well as weight-loss effect. Note that pregnant women prohibit consumption.

6. purple rose: to help speed up the metabolism, detoxification laxative, slimming, regulating endocrine, the most suitable for endocrine disorders and obese women.

7. Luo Shenhua: detoxification, diuretic, to edema, promote bile secretion to break the body of excess fat. Researchers also found that drinking with roses, 95% of people fell by 1 to 3 kg. Taste is sour, bubble out of the color red, very beautiful, hot and cold drinking are very good.

8. Dai Daihua: slightly bitter, but rich aroma, coupled with green tea drinking, moisturizing the skin, but also can reduce the abdominal fat, is a great beauty slimming drink.

9. lemon slices: can diuretic, regulate vascular permeability, suitable for puffiness and puffiness of women.

10. Cassia: promote gastrointestinal motility, remove the body stool, lower blood pressure, catharsis weight loss is good.

11. dried tangerine peel: can help digestion, exclusion of stomach gas, but also can reduce the accumulation of fat in the abdomen. Many Chinese medicine weight loss recipes have chosen it. Cucumber skin mild, and cassia seed, lotus leaf and other micro-cold flowers with the effect of better.

12. Stevia leaves: natural sweetener, is a thin partner, almost no calories, the most suitable for you want to eat sweet and afraid of you fat. Mainly with other flowers and tea together to drink, as a sweetener.

13. lotus leaf: since ancient times thin medicine, you can clear fire, diuretic, Qingzhi, laxative.

14. Mint: a lot of benefits, for obesity, diabetes and so are good, of course, fresh breath, to greasy. Mint dry and wet can be used.

15. licorice: can inhibit cholesterol, but also enhance immunity, inhibit inflammation, but will make blood pressure, not suitable for high blood pressure.