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Natural Herbal Slimming Tea Health Care
Aug 01, 2017

Natural Herbal Slimming Tea Health care

Natural herbal slimming tea (healthytea) to tea-based, with the right amount of Chinese medicine, both tea flavor, but also a slight taste, and the role of health care drinks. A summary of natural herbal slimming tea

Natural herbal slimming tea is first popular in the West.

Chinese natural herbal slimming tea is green tea, black tea or oolong tea as the main raw material, with the efficacy of a single flavor or compound made of traditional Chinese medicine; also used traditional Chinese medicine Jianzhi sprayed on the tea dry; or liquid tea liquid concentration spray Patented dry. Shape granular, easy to boiling water instant.

Chinese health care and foreign tea is different, the latter is herbal medicine as raw material, without tea, only to borrow "tea" the name. Chinese natural herbal slimming tea has the effect of lowering blood lipids, cholesterol, and obesity

, Diabetes, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and other patients, is an auxiliary health drinks, multi-bag packaging, but also canned or boxed. Natural herbal slimming tea will become a new sunrise industry in the current trend of tea consumption in the tea culture of heat, organic tea heat, natural herbal diet tea hot, flowers and tea hot, the rise of a variety of factors, the traditional tea regional consumption habits Is slowly decomposing, replaced by a more modern, more scientific and technological content of tea consumption trends. In the vast number of consumers in the living standards continue to improve, life taste also followed to enhance the taste of tea culture is a soft spot. At this stage there are Pishengyuan natural herbal slimming tea has become the current stage of the whole natural herbal slimming tea market.

Natural herbal slimming tea rapid development, as health products in the sunrise industry natural herbal slimming tea across

Tea drinks, health products, tea three gold industry, but also health care, but also health. Now with the enhancement of people's health awareness, in the tea beverage market after the rapid expansion of tea as raw materials, traditional Chinese herbal medicine as the main component of natural herbal slimming tea has become a new bright spot in the market. The China Food Supervision Bureau, according to statistics in 2007 annual sales of natural herbal slimming tea for 300 million, 2008 annual sales of natural herbal slimming tea for 1 billion in 2009, natural herbal slimming tea annual sales of billions, Herbal slimming tea annual sales of over 50 billion yuan. China's tea industry is facing from the traditional to the modern Chinese tea industry to increase the natural herbal slimming tea into a brand name of the work, the key is to enhance awareness of intellectual property and brand awareness, as soon as possible the formation of China's natural herbal slimming tea industry, Complete brand series. Last year, the Beijing Ministry of Agriculture in Beijing Xuanwu District Chancheng to the capital of consumers to promote a variety of health tea. And now on the market health care products to health tea as gifts are more and more, and now large shopping malls are now all kinds of health care tea, such as Cordyceps health tea, through high-tech Cordyceps sinensis to add natural herbal slimming tea, to Health effects, and various indications that China's tea industry is facing from the traditional to a new stage of development. Functional natural herbal slimming tea will also become a trend. Several supermarkets and tea chains in Beijing, various patterns of natural herbal slimming tea are occupying a prominent position. Sales staff, favor these natural herbal slimming tea mostly fashionable women and middle-aged customers, the main purpose is clear, or beauty Run Yan, or physical fitness, or hangover, blood pressure, hypoglycemic and other health effects, sales momentum not bad. Experts pointed out that the emerging natural herbal slimming tea on the basis of maintaining the traditional tea, but also according to different consumer demand, joined, such as roses, honeysuckle, cassia and other health Chinese herbal medicines to meet a considerable part of the consumer groups, Of the added value. China is the hometown of tea, but now is not "tea", there are many people do not often tea. Although in the past 20 years, the number of tea drinking in China has more than 20%, young people mainly drink a variety of re-election of herbal tea, and middle-aged people mainly drink natural herbal slimming tea, the elderly generally drink all kinds of tea industry, China's tea consumption market contains unlimited business opportunities. Why at this stage we call the tea industry in the 21st century, the most sunrise industry.

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