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Natural Herbal Slimming Tea Inhibit Abdominal Fat
Jun 08, 2017

Natural Herbal Slimming Tea Inhibit abdominal fat

Natural herbal slimming tea from the big mountain mountains, specifically to drink tea to drink a variety of wild Miao native Miao Miao characteristics is pure natural wild green products, boiling water after the tea is black, the quality is blessed, the effect of super.

Because it is pure natural herbs, no side effects, not the market to sell those who contain hormones, known as drinking one or two days to reduce the number of how much, but drank diarrhea, heart rate, more sleep those who lose weight Oh, this product according to Personal physical and absorption level, fast 7 days, slow 1 month see effect.

Taking method of editing

Every day on behalf of the tea to drink, each packet can be divided into two times the amount of each time can be repeated brewing, the color is black, you can brew to colorless and tasteless can recommend a cup with a filter insulation cup brewing, So that when you drink slimming tea tea will not enter the mouth, if there is a small electric kettle on the better, the weight of tea into the small electric kettle, the water to open the weight of tea in the inside to roll one or two minutes, so thick tea , Taste better, weight loss is also better.

Suitable for any physical MM Oh, no side effects, no irritation, regulation of endocrine, can make the skin water, weight loss during the diet, do not have to exercise, of course, do not want to Meng Meng eat Meng Oh, eat spicy food Oh.

Taboo attention to editing

Pregnant women and habitual abortion MM banned taking, menstrual period banned taking, 2 days before menstruation to stop taking, menstruation after 2 days to take, do not eat during the weight loss of mung bean, radish, eat spicy food, fat high fat eat, Drink less drink.

1, black tea

Black tea can inhibit the abdomen fat pile, the scraper has miraculous. Black tea is made from the fermentation of Aspergillus niger, produced in the process of fermentation of a composition of Puno, played a role in preventing the accumulation of fat. Want to use black tea to lose weight, it is best to drink just soaked tea. And should adhere to 1 day to drink 1.5 liters, before meals and after meals drink 1 cup.

2, lotus leaf tea

Lotus tea is the ancient court to lose weight secret medicine. With lotus flowers, leaves and fruit made of drinks, not only make people God Qingqi Shuang, as well as improve the looking, the use of weight loss. Want to drink lotus leaf tea weight loss must be tea, and 1 day 6 times to drink, constipation patients can drink 4 packs a day, 4 times to drink, so that the stool can be smooth, more beneficial to weight loss.