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Sleepytime Teas Health Match
Oct 19, 2017

Sleepytime Teas Health match

Flowers and trees of the magic mix and match

Tea with you to get rid of all kinds of physical and mental confusion

If you often feel sleepy

Healthy match: black tea + orange peel + wild rosehip + astragalus

This is a combination of herbal tea experts recognized "healing department". Black tea with orange peel, wild rosehip and astragalus, aroma becomes more attractive, taste has become more abundant. South Korea's latest survey shows that women prefer sweet taste and aroma of tea, one of the most popular is the orange flavor of tea. Chinese traditional medicine also believes that orange peel can Shugan qi, eliminate depressed mood. As for the wild rosehip, can help you the body "bad" cholesterol transported to the outside, lower blood lipids, increase the cardiovascular system immunity. Astragalus is to enhance the immune system, add the magic of the physical function. Of course, the unique L-theanine tea is refreshing the main ingredients, can enhance the brain in a brain waves, so that you relax the mind, flexible thinking.

If you feel anxious

Healthy match: green tea + grapefruit + honey

Green tea with grapefruit and honey taste can ease anxiety, let your body and mind relax. First of all, health experts agree with the efficacy of herbal tea heart healing, because it has the energy from nature, it can provide pure plant resistance, help you enhance the internal energy, eliminate negative emotions. When the hot water into the cup, flowers, fruit, tea along with swimming, fragrance of fragrant tea steam with the escape, you will be instantly brought into a comfortable rest time, all the nerves get relaxed, the whole people are quiet down. During the drinking process, your tongue will first touch the bitter taste of green tea, and then you can get rid of the first bitter taste, watching the dancing in the water of tea, breathing into the nose of the tea, Slightly bitter to fresh, feel the sweetness of tea through the throat when you ... ... you will find that this is really wonderful journey, can help you clean up the minds of distractions and upset, get spiritual satisfaction. Second, the taste of grapefruit sweet and fresh, although slightly washed nose, but in the eyes of health experts but the most decompression effect, can stimulate the sympathetic secretion of epinephrine, directly burn out excess fat, and accelerate lymphatic detoxification. Of course, careful preparation of a pot of tea itself is a relaxation.

If you have a recent problem

Health match: green tea + honeysuckle + Ophiopogon japonicus

Use green tea instead of chewing gum? No wonder! Green tea can not only fresh breath, but also eliminate your mouth Streptococcus mutans, enhance oral immunity, to prevent a variety of oral diseases, more than chewing gum "refreshing" effect. And tea do not have to be too hard, so it will not lead to masticatory muscles become larger, jaw widened, naturally no "fat face" trouble. Green tea with honeysuckle and Ophiopogon japonicus, the effect is more enhanced, not only detoxification, but also to appease irritability, but also help to clear the intestinal metabolic waste. Drink, you can add the amount of honey seasoning, can also be added on the basis of this combination of Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum, grass Cassia or corn, will produce your unexpected wonderful taste.