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Sleepytime Teas Peace Of Mind
Jul 03, 2017

Sleepytime Teas Peace of mind

Roses: roses taste sweet bitter, warm, the most obvious effect is qi Jieyu, blood scattered silt and menstruation pain. Du Zhonghua grass "Eucommia secondary metabolite and human health" Author Professor Zhang Kangjian pointed out that the amount of spicy due to the huge number of medicinal value, the national medicinal sector will be "Eucommia, seven leaves a flower, Ganoderma lucidum, bear bile" included in the four Lack of specialized control herbs. [1] among the grass, Eucommia for your; Eucommia from top to bottom, male flowers respect. "Du Zhongxiong flowers" is rich in more than 80 kinds of natural active ingredients, there is the effect of Yang Yang Yanggan, especially suitable for drinking in the spring. Do not forget my tea Qingrejiedu, clear eyesight, Ziyin Bushen, beauty beauty, blood and nourishing, and can promote the body's metabolism, delay cell aging, improve immunity. Anti-virus, anti-cancer anti-cancer. Have skin care beauty, promote metabolism, can effectively regulate the physiological problems of women, is the preferred drink of healthy women. Calendula tea Calendula mineral containing phosphorus and vitamin C, etc., the main use of part of the petals. Drinking marigold tea, can sweat, diuretic, damp heat. And its flowers can be made into salads, or for cooking to increase the color flavor. Lily tea can lungs and cough, Ning Anshen, but also reduce the stomach pain. Cool lungs, to fire soothe the nerves. On the yin cough, lungs and phlegm, sputum bloody, virtual trouble frightened, insomnia, mental trance has miraculous. Lungs, for lungs and coughs, lung cough and lung cancer vomiting blood, cure cough, dizziness, night sleep disturbed and other effects! Leggings tea a verbena + rosemary + lemon grass. Each time with verbena, rosemary, lemon grass 2-3 grams of stevia 5, also according to personal taste. B tea: verbena, rosemary, lemon grass, mint 3 grams of water 500ml. Beautiful camellia rosehip, chamomile and so on. Eyes are bright! 3) whitening tea: roses, hibiscus flowers and so on. Efficacy: brings together the essence of many flowers, can improve the dull skin and melanin precipitation and other issues, so that skin whitening natural. 4) rose tea: roses, flowers and so on. Efficacy: to beauty beauty, the liver and stomach have nourishing function, but also ease the tension. Slim tea lotus leaf, Luo Shenhua, roses and so on. Efficacy: easy for obese lower body, slim slim effect. Promote blood circulation, help intestinal purification. Whitening acne tea roses, apple flowers. Efficacy: whitening skin, blood, eliminate acne 7) herbal tea - not old tea: roses, chamomile. 8) by the tea: roses, Motherwort. Efficacy: blood flow Qi, nursed back to menstrual flow, suitable for women to drink during menstruation. 9) Snow White Tea: Rosehip, Red Qiao Mei and so on. Efficacy: ease the mood, beauty beauty, blood gas, and stomach Yang, whitening speckle. 10) whitening tea: peony, roses, peach. Efficacy: whitening speckle, suitable for face yellow gas heavy, with pigmentation of the people.

11) flowers and grass tea - pox traceless tea: violet, rose and so on. Efficacy: to improve pigmentation, apply to pox after the pigmentation, or to prevent acne after squeezing scar. 12) - woman "quite" tea: rosemary, pink roses and so on. Promote women breast development, suitable for weight loss but do not want the chest to become smaller women or breast relaxation sagging female drinking. Continuous drinking 3 months will have a good breast effect can improve the quality of sleep, the skin has improved significantly, refreshed. 13) electric eye beauty tea: recipe: rosehip, chamomile and so on. Efficacy: can improve the lack of sleep caused by eye fatigue, and help reduce the appearance of panda eyes, then the eyes back to bright! 14) Qian Jiao Mei Mei recipe: jasmine, pink roses and so on. Efficacy: Cellulite slimming, weight loss effect is remarkable. 15) slimming scavenger recipe: rosehip, thyme and so on. Efficacy: can help clear the body of impurities and waste, improve the problem of constipation, and thus slimming. 16) body spa formula: sweet-scented osmanthus, bodhi flowers and so on. Efficacy: to purify the stomach, remove the body of toxins, improve the situation of constipation, so as to lose weight. 17) decompression herbal tea: recipe: violet, calendula and so on. Efficacy: After brewing was pale blue and purple, fresh color filled with sunshine and natural dialogue atmosphere, soothing emotions.