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Sleepytime Teas Sleep Disorder
Jun 08, 2017

Sleepytime Teas sleep disorder

Chinese medicine believes that insomnia is mainly in the heart, and involves the liver, spleen (stomach), kidney three dirty. The organs of the organs of the normal operation and coordination, the operation of the body yin and yang of the gas is normal, then the normal sleep, and vice versa, there will be sleep disorders - insomnia.

You can consider using Suanzaoren, Bozi Ren and trace of cinnabar soaked in water to drink. Help to help.


◆ long-term insomnia or work, learning and other pressures, resulting in low quality of sleep

◆ middle-aged night difficult to sleep, sleep quality is not too high crowd

◆ difficult to sleep at night, more than easy to panic, easy to wake up after sleep

Use: each time a bag into the cup, with boiling water for 3-5 minutes, warm drink, can be repeatedly brew to pale


Sleep is an extremely important physiological function to maintain human life, like water, food is essential to people. Now people in the fierce competition, the spirit of pressure, long-term excessive use of the brain, so that long-term nervous in the brain, the brain release of excessive excitement, leading to nervous system overload, so that the excitement of the brain is difficult to get repair And inhibition, and susceptible to neurasthenia and insomnia. It is understood that China has 300 million people suffer from varying degrees of sleep disorders torture. Many people mistakenly believe that sleep disorders will not affect people's health and delay treatment, do not know long-term insomnia brain function will be disordered, seriously affecting physical and mental health, insomnia hazards are as follows:

1, insomnia lead to decreased immunity, the resistance to various diseases weakened. Long-term insomnia can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, high blood lipids, senile dementia and other common diseases.

2, insomnia can lead to headache, dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness, neurasthenia and so on.

3, insomnia often lead to lack of energy during the day, low efficiency, nervous irritability, and the surrounding people get along well, depression, boredom, serious will lead to pessimistic.

4, long-term insomnia caused by lack of concentration, thinking ability to decline, resulting in depression, anxiety, mental stress and other emotions, cerebral cortex dysfunction, causing autonomic disorders, severe mental illness, neurosis and so on.

5, insomnia to reduce the body resistance, reduce physical fitness, accelerate aging, causing a variety of diseases, shorten the life span. Children's sleep quality decline will directly affect the body's growth and development.

6, insomnia will make a serious decline in memory. People's memory is affected by the quality of sleep, if long-term insomnia or sleep quality is not high, the brain's memory decreased significantly.