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The Most Effective Herb Slimming Tea
Apr 28, 2017

The most effective herb slimming tea

Tea, as a popular health drink, is closely related to people's lives. The mediator of tea is as 

undeniable as it treats various diseases and improves the effectiveness of the immune system. Tea

 is also a good weight loss prescription. But when tea is used to lose weight, it is important to 

note that it is only a supplement to the daily diet, not the main method of weight loss. If you 

only drink tea without changing your way of life, then even if you use the magic method can not 

achieve the purpose of weight loss. To lose weight not only to drink tea but also to have a 

reasonable diet, rest, and do not forget sports.

Russia "big map network" inventory out of the top ten most popular herbal slimming tea, to help

lose weight who get rid of the body fat.

1. nettle tea

Urtica is rich in vitamins (C, K, B12, A) and calcium components, and thus have a good medical 

effect on patients with anemia. It is recommended to drink at the time of eating. In addition, 

the nettles also help fight against rheumatism, diabetes, ulcers and kidney stones and other

 diseases. And to improve the immune system, prevent edema and control appetite are helpful.

Green tea

Green tea is an effective antioxidant, it can dissolve fat, reduce the absorption of fatty acids 

and reduce the concentration of cholesterol.

3. mulberry leaf tea

Mulberry leaf tea is not only beneficial to the diet, but also help to deal with ulcers, stomach 

and diarrhea and other illnesses. It is a real miracle of nature. It is recommended to use dry

 mulberry leaves to make tea.

4. Dandelion tea

Dandelion tea has a strong neutral and diuretic properties. It is a good tonic, but also can 

lower cholesterol. But need to pay attention to is not to drink before going to bed.

5. black tea

Black tea in the anti-fat and green tea has the same effect. In addition, it also helps to 

improve metabolism and regulate blood glucose levels, because the black tea contains two kinds 

of insects with the same effect of the strange material.

6. Artichoke tea

This is one of the best-selling teas on the market. Artichoke is particularly popular in 

southern Europe. It is rich in vitamins and minerals that can be consumed daily. In addition, 

artichoke (or artichoke tea) is an important source of carbohydrates, proteins and antioxidants. 

This tea is mainly because of artichoke contained in the artillin and has a medicinal function.

 Termin is a kind of potassium, very powerful and beneficial to the body tissue. It helps to 

remove toxins from the body and improve the digestive system.

7. Rose fruit tea

Rose fruit tea can help toxins from the body, which is rich in vitamin C and has a magical 

neutralization performance. In addition, it is a diuretic that promotes bile discharge. In short,

 a small cup of rose tea is very helpful to the body.

8. Corn tea

Corn is the most common part of corn for herbal treatment. It contains potassium, calcium,

 silicon, saponin, essential oils, allantoin, beeswax, vitamins (С, Е, К) and other ingredients.

 These ingredients make the corn have a high medicinal value. If you want to lose weight or treat 

heart and liver disease it is recommended to drink at dinner.

9. round leaves Angelica tea

Foliage Angelica tea can help consume excess calories and fat that accumulate in the liver 

and heart, thereby improving blood circulation. Its effect has been praised by European experts.

 In addition, round leaves Angelica tea can also promote digestion, melting kidney stones. At 

the same time it is a powerful diuretics.

10. Chicory tea

Chicory has the effect of promoting bile discharge, neutralizing harmful substances in the liver,

 and repairing liver cells.

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