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What's The Crowd For Detox Tea?-office Workers
Jun 07, 2017

Different people choose to Detox Tea

   Chinese medicine believes that tea is alcohol, nicotine, exhaust gas and radiation toxins such as the cheapest "antidote", remove toxins and more health Jiapin thirst heatstroke. Different groups of people should choose different detoxification tea according to their own occupation and physical condition, so as to achieve the function of detoxification and health preservation.

   Computers are one of the essential tools for office workers. Staring at a computer for a long time can cause eye fatigue and can cause vision loss. Recommended Chrysanthemum Tea anti radiation, planting flowers, Chinese wolfberry tea fiber cellulite laxative. Combination of gold, anti radiation, visual protection, but also to achieve the efficacy of detoxification beauty.

1, Chrysanthemum Tea - Chrysanthemum Tea by white chrysanthemums and fine Oolong Tea baked, daily contact with electronic pollution workers should be a necessary tea. Because the white chrysanthemum in tea has the function of detoxification, the accumulation of harmful chemicals or radioactive substances in the body, all have low resistance, exclusion effect, especially suitable for drinking in summer, can qingrejiedu.

2, flowers and tea - tea can China some bowel, bowel and promote the metabolism of fat but not much, only the composite extraction, there will be a relatively specific effect. A variety of plant complexes, etc., can be good detoxification, row greasy, promoting their own fat metabolism, there is an increase of abdominal fat decomposition effect. Excessive body fat, greasy food, suitable for long-term drinking.

3, wolfberry tea - Chinese wolfberry tea is actually a traditional Chinese medicine, has laxative effect. If a person for three consecutive days without defecation, buy some special bitter Chinese wolfberry tea, drink a drink. Drink more at night, the next morning will be refreshed, no longer tired.

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