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What's The Crowd For Detox Tea?-office Workers?-obesity Group
Jun 07, 2017

The obesity group (as fasting drinking lotus tea, and persevere), planting flowers and tea, orange blossom fiber (contains digestive enzymes to promote fat decomposition and composition), Rose (beauty) as well.

1, lotus leaf tea - slimming medicine since ancient times, you can clear fire, diuresis, clear fat, laxative.

2, the Orange Blossom - clear blood, promote blood circulation, liver and stomach, regulating qi, spleen and stomach disorders, suitable for obese people.

3, vegetation, herbal tea - modern diet life, often have excessive body fat phenomenon, and excessive absorption of fat, resulting in obesity. Herbal tea has a very good bowel detoxification, thin belly and weight loss effect, there is inhibition of fat absorption effect! Usually brew 3-5g with warm water and add proper amount of sugar or honey according to your personal taste.

4, tangerine peel -- can help digestion, remove the stomach, but also can reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat.

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